EALPO conferences are the international extension of Nationwide Conferences on Light Pollution (OKZâ).. These conferences were held so far in an annual cycle (2013: Warsaw, 2014: Wrocâaw, 2015: Krakâw, 2016: Rzeszâw, 2017: Warsaw, 2021: âodâ). From 2019, OKZâ and EALPO are held alternately, each in a two-year cycle. The first EALPO was held in 2019, the second one in 2022

Topic of the conference concerns the problem of light pollution defined as:

  • inconveniences caused by artificial lighting excessive or improper use,
  • any negative impact of artificial lighting, such as: dazzling, trespassing, excessive lighting, reduced visibility, sky glow and waste of energy,
  • changes in the level of environmental lighting due to the use of various artificial light sources,
  • introduction of artificial light into the environment.
The aim of the conference is to present the. light pollution as an interdisciplinary problem and to discuss. the methods of minimizing this phenomenon and its negative effects.